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[15 Oct 2005|04:14pm]
I hung out with Peter last night. It was fun I guess... More like a total bore...

Instead of sticking to certain selective of friends, I have decided to speard myself around and haing out vairious people ths year.
We got our progress reports this week, and I'm not doing to well in Math.. anyone want to tutor me? :-D hah. I definatly need to get my grade up.

I'm really excited about Emma's Halloween party. The only problem is, I don't have a date yet.:(
So there you have it, I'm going to be cinderella with no prince charming. :-/

So people, don't be shy and ask meeehh. ;)
Am I that ugly? :D
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[12 Oct 2005|05:39pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Last night Jt and I hung out, just like the good old days. When I had a MAJOR crush on him. We basically ran around the park in the rain, and were acting stupid, as ushual. :) It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we did it.

Emma, you should TOTALLY have that halloween party. That would be TONS of fun.

Im really REALLY worried about Manny. Shes one of my good friends, but seriously, come on! You messed up, but it isn't worth hurting yourself for it..

I have mixed feelings about the situation because I feel majorly bad for Jt. Hes a really sweet person, and it was horrid to do that to him.

Taking sides suck

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The names Darcy. [11 Oct 2005|06:35pm]
The term "New kid" has defiantly gown off me this year. Its actually quite a relief to be known as an individual.

I got one of these things to keep me "social interacted" or what not. Manny and Emma have one so, why not give it a try right? But I must remind all of you, I am terrible at all this high tech. stuff. haha anyone want to give me lessons?

This year is definatly better then the last. I know alot more people, and the work seems alot easier.

I've become friendly with this kid spinner. Most kids HATE him for what he did. He seems nice...

Weeeelll, anyone want to hangout? Give me a ring ;)
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